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  • For addresses that include my middle name, it seems like Chrome autofills “given-name” as Tristrum, my “additional-name” as my middle name, and “family-name” as Tuttle.
  • For addresses that have more than three names, Chrome autofills “given-name” and “family-name” the same, and just passes all the remaining names in the middle into the “additional-name” input.
  • Hyphenated names are treated the same as if they were a single name. So Tristrum Middle Name-Tuttle results in Tristrum (given) and Name-Tuttle (family) while Tristrum-Middle Name Tuttle results in Tristrum-Middle (given) and Tuttle (family).
  • Honorific prefixes (Mr., Mrs., Dr., etc) and suffixes (IV, etc) are excluded from the given, additional and family names, but also do not autofill the honorific-prefix nor honorific-suffix inputs. The exception I found was honorific suffixes like “the Third” do get included in the various names, resulting in “Tristrum” (given) “Middle Name the” (additional) “Third” (family).
  • The “name” autocomplete value always autocompletes the full name from the address.




Software Engineer

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Tristrum Tuttle

Tristrum Tuttle

Software Engineer

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