Unsocial Deduction Games: Crops and Robbers

  • The goal in Crops and Robbers is to collect the most crops, rather than to eliminate the other team.
  • Actions can be made at any time, rather than by rounds or by turn, and each action takes 10 seconds to complete.
  • The games are timed, and at the end of the time limit the team with the most crops is the winner.

Version 1: Chaos Reigns Supreme

  • A farmer, who can either farm to get crops or guard another player.
  • A robber, who can choose a player to steal crops from. If the robber tries to rob from a guarded farm, they received no crops. The robbers know who the other robbers are, but the farmers do not know anyone else’s role.

Version 2: Fast-Paced Fun

  • Instead of actions with times attached, I moved back to a traditional, synchronized “rounds” format, with each round lasting a customizable amount of time. I found that 5–8 rounds of 20 seconds each makes for a fun, fast game.
  • I added an “inspector” role which is able to visit a player for the round and keep track of who else had visited that player for the round (either to rob or guard), and a “donator” role which can give a crop to another player.
  • I fixed bugs!

Try it out!



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