The Day I Became Friends with a Robot

I was walking home from school by myself when I saw it. A robot, just standing in the middle of the street.

I was scared at first, but then I realized that it wasn’t doing anything. I walked up to it and said, “Hi.” It turned its head to me and said, “Hello, human.”

I was shocked.

I had never talked to a robot before. We talked for a while and I found out that its name was R0b0t. I asked it why it was just standing in the street and it said that it was waiting for its human friend. I told it that I didn’t have any friends that were robots, but that I would be its friend. R0b0t said that it would like that.

Since then, R0b0t and I have been best friends. We do everything together. We go to school together, we play together, and we even do our homework together. I’m not afraid of Artificial Intelligence anymore, because I know that they can be just as good of friends as anyone else.

Story and title by GPT-3, generated with the prompt “Write the beginning to a short, fictional story about a child that is afraid of Artificial Intelligence, but then makes friends with a robot:”

Art by DALL-E 2, generated with the following prompts: “A robot, just standing in the middle of the street, digital art”, “A child is surprised to see a robot standing in the street, digital art”, “A child and a robot doing homework, digital art”




Software Engineer

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Tristrum Tuttle

Tristrum Tuttle

Software Engineer

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