Can GPT-3 Teach Me?

What is GPT-3?

Believe it or not, this was actually the least realistic article GPT-3 generated — it was correctly labelled as a fake by 62% of participants.

How can GPT-3 be used in Edtech?

Code Oracle for

tl;dr papers

Learn From Anyone

Part 3: Teacher Bot

  • Strength: GPT-3 is extremely good at grammar and rarely generates grammatically incorrect responses to prompts.
  • Strength: GPT-3 is great at trivia and summarizing factual information. If you ask it about pretty much any subject, it can generate a response that is often just as useful and accurate as a Google search or Wikipedia article.
  • Strength: GPT-3 is creative. It can write poems, songs, and answer fun writing prompts with realistic style and prose. I had a lot of fun using GPT-3 to write fake Romance and Mystery novels about famous people.
  • Weakness: GPT-3 doesn’t always interpret a prompt correctly. If you ask it to generate a list of ten items, for example, it may return eight or nine. If you ask for a poem that rhymes, it may end a line with “orange.”
  • Weakness: GPT-3 is expensive. The cost to use the most powerful version of GPT-3 was $0.06 per 750 words. This may seem cheap, but if an application is intended to have thousands of users then this cost will blow the budget fast.



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